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I have mentioned before that I don't watch much TV, but tonight, I tried watching an outdoor channel. The show was "PigMan: The Series."

They were using revolvers and testing Hornady ammo. I made it 5 minutes into the show before turning it off.

The guy makes a horrible shot on a stationary hog and -- even after the fact and after having time to review footage -- claims he shot it behind the shoulder. And then he claims he intentionally avoided the shoulder and shot "behind the shoulder" despite the intro claiming they wanted to shoot for the shoulders to test the bullets.

The bullet clearly impacts far back on the hip -- and close to 18 inches from his point of aim. You can even see the entrance.

But it gets better -- or worse, depending on how you look at things.

After being unable to retrieve the animal and not trying to get permission to the adjacent property to trail it, he chalks it up as "Hell, it's just a pig."

Things happen. I get that. But you don't lie to the audience and don't just give up on a wounded animal.

Turned my stomach. So I turned off the TV.

If this show gets sponsors, how bad must the other shows be? Confused
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I agree! Most of those hunting shows are pure garbage.
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I'm like you Bobby, I watched Pigman one time and didn't make it all the way through. I don't watch many hunting shows but I do like the Meat Eater and Tracks Across Africa. I watch Jim Shockey on a rare occasion. The rest I have seen I have no use for.
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I seen that also I say WAY behind the shoulder Slap_Forehead
As in nearly gut shot.
He lied like a dog for TV purposes. Thought that was pitiful

But....he did say main objective was to eradicate hogs not sport hunt. The bullet testing was just along for the ride i guess.
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Reality TV is mostly all scripted garbage, regardless of the subject. You can’t believe what you see, the producers will edit the footage to fit their goal for the show. Most viewers have little taste anyway and simply accept the phony story lines without much thought. There’s actually not that much difference between most “hunting” shows and Pawn Stars, Deadliest Catch or Naked and Afraid besides the subject matter....

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Are you trying to tell me it is not Real? laugh laugh

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How about Naked and Afraid with guns. Naked But Not Afraid!
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Hunting shows are so fake. It doesn't take a lot to see that. The best are those that always go to outfitters and they are so "good" hunters.

I find it that all movies/shows about anything aren't really realistic. The same is with skydiving movies I watched, "professionals" are very bad at it.
That is just one more reason not to have a TV.
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Hey all,
Just a little inside info. I had a working relationship with the person you are talking about. Not on the TV show side, other business dealings. First let me say. He is a great guy. He and his girlfriend are super nice folks and nice to hang out with. So a lot of what is said and seen on the show. Is just that. For the show.
Now for the "show" part of this. I'm not a big fan of most of the shows and only watch a few on a limited bases. I have been involved with several over the years (not pigman) and I can say what you see on the tube is generally very different than the way it actually went down. Most of them do a good ( or bad ) depending on your view, of catching the shot on camera because that is what the majority of people want to see. The rest of it is fake and re filmed after the fact. Posing, whispering, drawing a bow or aiming a gun. It's all redone because in the moment those things are extremely difficult to catch. I haven't seen the episode you are talking about, but I'm not surprised that it went that way or with your reactions. Unfortunately the ratings are there and if people watch. These shows will continue to give them what they want, not to mention some of what they show and say fuel the antis.
One show I watch occasionally is the Bone Collector. The reason I do is they act the way they are in person. Goofy, high energy and real. One of the main folks on the show posted a picture on Instagram of a huge whitetail buck all bloody and with an arrow sticking out of it. As hunter we know this is reality and the way it happens. I sent a message saying congrats on the huge deer, but maybe a cleaner photo would come across better to the non hunting viewer. I was bashed by a few dozen people calling me all sorts of things. Until the man in the picture with the deer said, " you are completely correct. That picture should never had been posted" and he re posted a clean shot of himself with the deer. Respect!
You will never see me in a hunting picture with an animal that doesn't look clean and respectful. One, because that is one way to show respect to the critter that will help feed my family but mostly because we as hunters shouldn't fuel the antis with any more ammo than they already find on their own. Iv'e personally been to many, many protests. Helping Safari Club, California bow hunters, Ducks unlimited etc to debate the antis so local law enforcement can get some relief. Also because it just feels good to throw logic at illogical, uniformed wingnuts. Any thing to keeps our rights intact.
Long winded, sorry, but I see your point's and hope the folks putting on these shows start to see it too. It's our right to hunt and shoot. I also think hunting shows should be on TV. But maybe just cleaned up a bit.
Derek >>>-------->
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