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Little range time with the son Login/Join 

Brandon has been asking for about a month if we could go to the range so yesterday we spent a few hours burning some powder. I let him shoot the Savage rifle in 6 BR

5 shot 100 yd group

Wanted to shoot up the 445SM ammo I had loaded up so did a fine job hitting the 200 yds steel plate. Took along some other 445 I loaded probably 10 years ago with cast 325 gr GC. Wondered how they would shoot in the Encore rifle. Decent group then pulled a few high and low shots.

Sure am glad we got to spend some time at the range.

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Wow your son is quite the marksman! O
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Trigger time is great time together. Glad you had fun and mighty fine shooting there.
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Range days are always fun, but even better with family. Good chootin.

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WOW tell that boy to keep shooting he is a natural!!!!

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