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Just got another knife from South TX Login/Join 


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Here is one I didn't know was coming. My hunting buddy that lives down the street just up and gave me this one right before Christmas. His brother, the one that makes 99% of my knives sent this one to me just because I get so many knives form him.
It is Damascus, not sure what type they call it, and the handle is Asian Water Buffalo I sent to him for making some tip overlays on Longbows. The pins he found somewhere online. It is spectacular. I took two deer right after the new year in KS and skinned both with it. Still razor sharp. I'm still in shock.

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Beautiful knife. Good to hear you are putting it to good use, doing what it was designed to do.
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That is a beauty.

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That's a looker!!!! Congrats!!!!

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Very nice!
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Beautiful knife!

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