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What knife brand do you prefer? Type? Login/Join 

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There are soooooo many out there. Please tell me which you prefer.

Some examples:
Cold Steel
Queen Cutlery

What type of knife do you prefer?

Thanks for your input!
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Hmmm, out of the 3 (not counting the multi-tool) I carry on a daily basis, I've got a Gerber, Buck and Victorinox. Counting the multi-tool, I've got more Gerber's on me than others. Big Grin The 3 are folders; the Buck and Gerber are single bladed, both get used depending on what I need at any given time.

I've not had a Kershaw, but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy one. Case is another one that has a lot of fans, but I haven't been overly impressed with the supposed quality for the price you pay.

If I was in the market for another knife, I'd prolly be looking at either Kershaw or Gerber.
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rooooogar lover


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Cold Steel, Buck and Case.

Case has some really cool collector knives. Plus the showroom is abut 30 minutes from my house.
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Same as Tim,,Cold steel,Buck,and Case....
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Case XX folder thumbup had it for near 20 years and have had great service from it. It has to be my overall favorite, it is one of the eary exchangers and has three extra blades.
Also I like Gerber if it is a USA made knife flag although alot of the newer ones come from china thumbdn

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Havalon Piranta
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Eye Brand
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Old Timer
Parker but they have been out of business for a long time.

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kershaw thumbup

NRA yes!
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In the kitchen,
Victorinox, Gerber and a cheap a&& taiwan black angus givaway knife that for some mysterious reason holds an incredible sharp edge forever.
For hunting and a pocket knife,
Buck, a Schrade folder and a Sharp Finger(both usa made). My buddy has Kershaw's and they hold a nice edge and are comfortable in the hand too.
I'm not stuck on one brand just give me quality for a fair price. I think there's alot out there that are way overpriced making you think that they are something special when there's many that will do an exellent to better job and hold up well for a lot less. The Victorinox is a good example of that.

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I carry a Case Sod Buster jr., a Benchmade Griptilian, and a Victorinox Tinker on me daily. I am an Ag Consultant and use the Case for digging seed, the Benchmade for general use, and the Victorinox as a multi tool minus the pliers.
For hunting I use one of Dave Pitt's custom gut hooks that he made for me.
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Impossible to really answer...not only does it depend on what it to be used for but it could even depend on wich day of the week it is, or which side of the bed I get up on, or etc etc etc etc.

I own and use em all, from custom to "Made in(you choose)".

I will say this though...I use Wusthof Grand Prix in the kitchen, because even though expensive, they fit and feel great and do a phenominal job.

Iffen I HAD to choose just one pocket knife, it would probably be an older Case Stockman, because those 3 blades will do just about anything you need a knife to do. And iffen I HAD to choose just one sheath knife, it would probably be an older "Kabar"...and I mean the military style bowie....straight forward, tough, easy to sharpen and as deadly as it is versitile.


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I like Ark toothpicks and was in AG Russells a couple weeks ago and bought a cheap $14.95 yellow handle Kissing Crane toothpick folder and its all I carry now. Sharp, light and is holding a edge awesome. Its a made in China, boxed in a German box sold in USA cheapie.

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LR Harner
Devin Thomas

Ok maybe you didn't want custom makers... my bad Razz


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A small Kershaw folder in my suit pocket during the week. Custom fixed blade knives for hunting. I have Chubby Hueske, Bob Dodd and Dave Pitt knives. I will buy more from Dave (handcannons) in the near future. Life is to short to work with ugly and dull knives......


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For general use and gutting deer, nothings any better than an Old Timer. For butchering said deer, I have a Kershaw Blade Trader I got years and years ago. Besides that, an old Western in the kitchen and various others for tasks at hand.

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I have many but my favorite's are German Eye and Benchmade. I don't like the one's that dull in your pocket.

My 2 cents worth

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