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Knife and tool sharpening question Login/Join 

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I have a 1" X 30" belt sander and am wanting to use it to sharpen knives and also wood lathe chisels. My question is what grit and type of belts should I get for this job? I am planning to start small and then perhaps get a leather strop for the setup later. 400, 600, 800, or 1000 grit? I know enough to not hoss a blade into the belt and get it hot. Was going to practice on some older cheap blades first. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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Not a fan of belt sander for sharpening- now for hoging a badly damaged ok. Much better is a slow speed wet wheel - better finish, won't burn the edge, ect. 900rpm or less motor wise. Those little wet units with 3600 rpm motors are a joke. 60-80 grit tool room wheel for getting, close specialty wheels after that like a paper wheel or a hard felt charged with jewels rouge. Might want to spend a bit of time on some of the knife forums for addition information. Nothing wrong with stropping but I don't have time for that.
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There are belt sanders and there are belt sanders. Buddy of mine makes a lot of blades when he has time. He does metal removal on his bar stock. Contour shank and everything. Go with ceramic grit belts. 1" is too narrow his is either 2 or 21/2" wide.
He can take a piece of stock and have it shave hair smooth and no pulling as in razor sharp in about 10 minutes. His belt sander is powered by a 2hp motor.
However it takes a lot of finesse to sharpen a blade and do a good job of it.

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I have had this type of knife sharper for a couple of years now,
and have used it to sharpen lots of knives, including the OLD HARD BUCK models,
and it works off the power plug in the back of my Toyota PU and sxs, atv's with a 300w inverter also, and all I can say is Wow, it works!!!

Once you get use to using it, it will put a shaving sharp edge on just about anything you can get the belt on. I use it to put a sharp edge on the utility blades, the throw away types, arrow broad heades, etc.
The only item I have never tried is scissors, yet.

It was on sale and i got the whole package and carrying case for $120, for the KO version.

see info here:


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