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<Old One Eye>
Bob Young passed away a few months back.
While the name may not be familiar, he was a supervisor at Marble Knives in Gladstone, MI. He hand made knives for members of the Marbles + Knife club and I was proud to count him among my friends. I put out the club letter for about 5yrs.
Locally (MI's upper peninsula) his knives are much appreciated and collected. Bob made a few for me which I actually use - solid blade stock from Marbles and either my handle material or some he had on hand.
If you have a knife or knives generally marked RJY and a year, and you would be interested in a price for insurance, contact me through a private message. I am interested in buying his miniature knives - but if you are interested in selling, we will agree on a refundable price. His knives show up on E-Bay on occasion, but rarely seem to go for the asking price.
NO, I am not trying to take advantage of anyone to make a profit. I've given away his knives to friends and kids. It's just nice to let folks know from whence they came and what their value as a collectible might be. It's just nice knowing that a really great guy made something he was proud of, and I'm proud to own some of his work.
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