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I have a Bark River knife that has a convex grind on it and was wondering how you guys sharpen yours. I have been using the mouse pad and sandpaper method now and it is working ok. It just takes some getting used to.

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Hey mellonhead, came across this old post. Hope this helps you out. The trick to convex is constant pressure. Not to much, not to little. Always pull the blade on the grit paper away from the edge and pull the handle away as well, all in one motion like opening a brass handle on a ships door. Try to keep the blade no more than 15 degrees as too much angle will dull the knife as will too much pressure. If you find a machine shop that will let you have or buy a few 2 foot strips of grit paper you can lay across a smooth surface 2x4, this will work nicely. Doesn't have to be a mouse pad. Mouse pads aren't big enough to let you complete your handle pull or rotate while dragging the blade sometimes especially with larger knives. Also if you can find an old printshop that has some large worn out printing press blankets, these work wonders under the grit paper Hope this helps. I put convex blades on all my handmade bladed knives. Its all in the feel.
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Good to know!
My first convex, a Jeff White "Bush 3" (shot bows with Jeff yrs ago)

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What is the advantage of the convex blade, strength?


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