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Has anyone tried using a 460 S&W case with trail boss (and trail boss only!) using cast bullets in a 45/410 contender. It would remove a lot of the Free bore from the 410 chamber and possibly improve accuracy which seems to be a problem with the 45 LC. Don't think I would try it if I owned a 460 and had regular ammo laying around. From the reloading info I've found it seems max trail boss loads in a 460 run around 20,000 PSI and 1000-1200 FPS. w/250 gr. cast. Not much different than a 45-70.

Probably wouldn't be worth it if accuracy didn't improve. Just curious not a recommendation.
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While it might be a bit closer than 45lc, I think the overall case length on a 460 is 1.8 inches. That’s still quite a bit shorter than the 3” chamber of the 410. I’m afraid the free bore jump would still be significant enough to hurt accuracy.

A better option in the 45/410 barrels for accuracy is the old 450 Mongo, it uses 444 brass expanded to .452. It was made to replicate 45-70 trapdoor type loads but with today’s powders like trail boss a 45 colt equivalent load could be come up with. The longer brass would fix the free bore jump and prevent no dangers of accidental firing of a full house 460 load.

Just my thoughts...

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wouldn't be worth it

This is my sentiment ^^^

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Anyone ever shot 410 slugs and check accuracy?


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I may have to pull the choke and give it a try. I have some 3" slugs that I was wondering what to do with.
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I just use mine for 410 and leave the 45 to my 45 barrel.
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I have not yet shot a 45 long colt shell in my 45/410 barrel and use it as my snake/rabbit gun. Patterns best with 2 1/2 inch shells using 7 1/2 shot and works pretty good inside of 25 yards just like a regular 410.
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I've found the same thing the 2' shells pattern better than the 3 in. I have an old single shot bolt action winchester that will almost obliterate a 6" paper saucer at 25 ft. I can't imagine what kind of choke it has.

Thanks for the thoughts and Ideas on the 45/410. It is what it is !!
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