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338 whisper #2 load info Login/Join 

Anybody have load data for the 338 whisper #2. I wish SSK would just put it on their site.
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#2 the x221?

If so, you could use 300blk data as a starting point with similar bullet weights.


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Good article on 338x221

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Get ahold of gasixgunner. He has one and load data.
JD brings his toys to my house in past to test. Did the .338 and .375 Whispers. Killed 3 or 4 deer with each. Results were disappointing- no knock down, running a ways (deer), very poor on groundhogs. All of this was due to the limited selection of bullets for both guns.
My .300 Whisper way outperformed both of these, again, due to better bullet selection.
All the Whispers were originally produced to be used with long match type bullets so they could tumble. Sierra 220 match didn't work- too short. Sierra 220 RNs were a BIG surprise. They tumbled, penetrated really good, caused good internal damage, and were highly accurate out to 300 yds. They were also much cheaper than the match bullets. The .338 and .375 just didn't do the above things that the ,300 did. Several Lehigh bullets did a good job in the .30, but Lehighs in .338 are rare.
The later .338 and .375 cases were not .221, but one of the shorter 7mm cases, can't remember which.
The one Whisper that did do better than the .300 was the .50, which was developed for select service groups. It used a cut down case and 650 gr. Amax bullets. I killed about a dozen deer with it. Totally awesome. Deer never moved. Due to the bullet size, the gun had the recoil of a 12 ga. shotgun! Problem here was the extreme expense of making cases and the bullets. JD talked me out of this and in to the .300. I never regretted it.
So, mckee, good luck with your .338. Match bullets didn't do much. Try to find some RN, heavy bullets or see what Lehigh is doing. The .30 cal. fracturing HP is fantastic, but the RN is very close behind.
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I’ve got a 300, 338 & a 45/70 whisper. I found a company called Maker Bullets out of GA that makes Bullets that perform excellent with subsonic velocities for all of these calibers.
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