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.30 Carbine 10'' and Rcbs 165 Sil Login/Join 

A friend is buying a TC 10'' .30 Carbine 1 in 10 twist. It is for IHMSA big bore (50,100,150 and 200m). We need to get this out at 1250fps in order to have 1000fps at 200m. We have 4227 and 1680 available. In a 10'' 32-20 and a Saeco 311 (165gr) the charge is 12gr 1680. I'd think something similar would do it in the Carbine barrel. Recommendations ?
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Your on the right track. I never used either powder though.
I used WC820 and AA#9 with a 165 RCBS Sil bullet, 30-20.
If you want my loads email me.
I am a fan of the 30-20. My UAS gun is an old BF my iron sighted rig is a 10" 30-20 TC.
Used it for FP as well.
Neither rig has seen a full length gas check in about 15k rounds.

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I had some loads with 4227, 1680, and Rel #7. The 4227 and 1680 worked good for standing. The Rel #7 loads were for creedmore. (I couldn't do taco hold and keep the hammer out of my face.) Those are a lot of fun to shoot.

Good luck!!

Steve Smile
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Earlier in 2019 he came up with 4198 at about 12gr. This seems to work well and is effective at the 200m line. I bought a 300W barrel and a 30 Reece (Both 10'') and have found 4198 usable in them with either the RCBS 165 or the Saeco 311 at 165gr.
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