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Starline 7-08 Brass: Early Impressions Login/Join 

Hey guys,
A few weeks ago I asked for your impressions on the quality of brass being made by newer brass manufacturers, such as Starline, ADG, Peterson and others. I found some Starline in stock at Midway so I bought some. I like that it came in a box of #50, instead of the usual #100 since I didn't need #100. Here we go.
Appearance: The brass looks nice w/o any dings, scratches or tarnished areas. None of the case mouths were dinged, either. It has a bright finish w/ the anneal line polished off.
Primer pockets: While uniforming all the primer pockets they seemed more consistent than many others.
Flash hole: I only made a few, easy turns w/ the deburring tool since there didn't seem to be much material to debar. I meant to look at the flash hole, but forgot, I suspect the flash hole is drilled, not punched but I couldn't find confirmation of that in the product info.
Case neck thickness: I'll admit I'm a little compulsive about case preparation so that I check case neck concentricity (instead of weighing the cases). I think it's a good indication of the quality of the brass. For deer hunting ammo, I cull a piece of brass who's case neck varies >0.003". Lapua has been so consistent that I hold it to a tighter standard, culling any piece that varies >0.002". For Lapua, I only cull only about 4-5 pieces/100. All others are culled if >0.003". Nosler was 2/100 (but an additional 12/100 were 0.002"-0.003"). Hornady ran 10/100, The only Norma brass I've bought ran 10/100. Winchester and Remington are usually 20-30/100. Surprisingly, I only found ONE piece of Starline brass that varied >0.002" (it ran 0.005")! A lot of them were 0.001".

Admittedly, I've not shot it yet so I don't know how accurate it is nor how many loadings I'll get from it, but Starline brass looks very promising so far. I went ahed and loaded a few rounds using the 125 gr NPT, Reloder 17 and Remington 9 1/2 primers. It'll be a while before I get to shoot it, but I'll provide an update then.

I also just ordered from Brownell's, #100 6mm Norma BR made by Peterson. I'll use this brass to replace some aging 22 BR cases made by R-P. It came in a really nice plastic case that looks a lot like those made by MTM. It'll be sometime before I work up some loads w/ it, but I'll also give an update on it when I do.

Good luck and good hunting.
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Thanks for the review. It looks like Starline is offering a high-quality product at a very competitive price.

The quality you describe certainly beats the crinkled case mouths and creased shoulders I've been seeing in both WW and RP as of late.

Now if Starline would just crank up production for the .225 Winchester... Smile

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The Starline that I used to make some 25 creedmoor brass with was good. I bought 100 Starline and 100 Lapua at the same time and the Lapua was more consistant in neck thickness and OAL but that's not saying the Starline is bad. So far some of my groups have been just as good with the Starline as they have with the Lapua. I have some Peterson brass in 260 Remington but I haven't tried it yet.

I do agree that I wish they would crank out some .225 Win cases.

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