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6mm X 30-30 AI case forming Login/Join 

Hi, I'm getting involved in a new project and running into what I think will be a problem. I'm using a 7x30 waters sizing die to do the first case reduction(30-30 case). Then the 6mm X 30-30 AI sizing die for the final. That parts going O.K. but I think the 7x30 Die neck is to short. When I run the 6 x 30 die down to the bottom of the neck created by the 7x30 I can go further and it naturally crushes the case. The measured neck is short of what the 6x30 case dimensions specify.

Does anyone know of a longer 7mm or like case with a longer neck to use or if anyone has a method that would make a longer neck. Would modifying a shell holder work? appreciate any help. thanks
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You could grind or cut off the bottom of the 7-30 die to make the die shorter allowing the case shoulder to be moveed back further. If you only need a couple of thousands of shoulder movement this could be done with a grinder fairly quickly. Just remove the expander rod and spin the die while grinding. I'm not familiar with the 6mm round but I was guessing the with it being a Ackley improved the neck would have been shorter than a 7-30. Hopeful someone with this round will chime in and help you out. Great group of people here.
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i used a 25-35 rcbs neck size die to reduce for first step as suggested by Bobby Tomek, to make 6.5-30-30 AI cases.I had the same problem trying to use a 7-30 waters die. Worked well to reduce to 6mmx30-30AI also.
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Try taking the seating rod out of the 6-30-30 bullet seating die. So 7-30, then seating die with stem removed, then 6-30-30 full length sizeing die.
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Thanks for the reply's. I've got to get at least .073 to get where I need to be depending on how the chamber turns out. I guess I will sacrifice a 7x30 sizer die. That is a good tip.

Like all my projects it will be dedicated to this barrel.(until my next project). Someday I'm going to have the mother of all garage sales and call it "Dedicated components and custom tools for Project's Sale". I will be able to retire. (Again)

Thanks to all.
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I have been using a shortened 270 Win die as a step down. A 30-30Ai die with the stem removed to size the body, then just use a shortened neck die to do the neck.It's been working fine for years.
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Ended up finding and old 7 mag sizer die and a 257 Roberts sizer die. I ground them down until I had neck length. Then ran them through the 6mmx 30-30 sizer die. Worked great, I've fireformed 40 rounds, 30 new brass, 10 once fired and did not lose any. I now need to find a varget load to shoot. I can find lots of iMR 4320 data but no Varget. They are close on the burn rate chart but I don't think I would want to transpose data.

I will put in a plug for MGM. I ordered the barrel and was told a 4-6 weeks delivery. It was on my porch 3 weeks later. Thanks again for the help.
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