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Do any of you know if Handloader Magazine or other magazines I can get had articles about the 257 JDJ, 309j JDJ, 375 JDJ? I have an article from Handloader, Nov 1988 on the 6.5 JDJ.
Also, there might be an article in one of the Shooting Times handgun Quarterly. I have an article on the 6.5JDJ from that magazine also.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Mike, Not sure if your looking for technical material covering loading aspects or other pertinent info. Over the years I have written articles on the 6.5, 309, and 375 JDJ rounds. Most all of these articles were hunting pieces and I have been fortunate to take a considerable number of big game animals with these three rounds. In my latest book, there is a number of big game featured with the 375 JDJ.
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I always watched the rag journals for articles on the JDJ rounds to see if they had any more info than what I "discovered" in my use of all these fantastic rounds. Never saw any of importance. The few I saw were generic with about 0 performance on game.
Your best source of practical info is from the old Sixgunner articles of HHI where Mark and I and a few other people gave reliable, practical info on these calibers.
JD sold SSK to Lehigh. I visited with him yesterday while he was hunting close to my home. He said he has lots of Sixgunners left, but they have to go. Is willing to sell them, but if not, then they'll be destroyed. No way to tell which copies had the desired articles, since no one made a table of contents. You can check with SSK on the prices.
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