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Speer TMJ 158 grain Bullets Login/Join 

Has anyone ever had much experience with these? They seam like a cheaper alternative to shooting Hornady XTP’s to get stuff on paper. I’m thinking I buy these and use them rather then the Hornady! Anybody know anything about them? Thanks in advance!
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Have you ever ordered and Nolser blemished bullets? I buy a lot of them and it’s hard to tell why there blems. I’ve bought 44 240 gr HP’s and 357 158 gr HP’s. They shoot great and run $18-22 per 100 when they have them in stock. I made a couple of purchases for the 338 300 gr HP competition bullets for my 338 Whisper priced $25-28 per 100 which is real cheap.

Just search of Nolser blem bullets
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The tmj's are great practice or steel plate bullets. My experience with them has been positive and they've been accurate. Wink


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