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Reloading Data RULES!

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August 25, 2007, 09:31 AM
Magnum Mike
Reloading Data RULES!
WARNING: View these pages and use the listed data at your own risk. The load data contained within these pages can be submitted by anyone on the Internet and it is not verified to be safe. The data submitted may be unsafe for use in your particular firearm. Consult a published load manual first to research the maximum loads for your application. This data is a collection of other handloaders recipes and should be used as a reference only. Always start your loads below the listed maximums. Many of these loads may be at or above maximum and should be used with extreme caution. Serious injury can occur from improper loads. By use of this web site, YOU AGREE to release Specialty Pistols from any liability as a direct or indirect result of any listed data.

DO NOT POST DATA THAT IS NOT LISTED IN A RELOADING MANUAL with the exception being wildcats as wildcats carry risks that are accepted by the owner of the firearms when purchased. Loading a standard cartridge with a non-standard powder is not considered wildcatting for the purposes of this rule. ALL NON-RELOADING MANUAL BASED DATA, that is brought to our attention, WILL BE DELETED. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS RULE CAN AND WILL RESULT IN YOUR REMOVAL FROM THIS SITE.

These rules can and will change as neccessary, check back often for updates.

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