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Has anyone had good success with this combo in 150-162 class bullets?
Charge weight, bbl length and velocity if anyone has anything.
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Couple of good discussions on RL 17 and it’s temperature sensitive. Take a look at RL23.


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I started shooting the .284 in an Encore MGM 15" barrel a few years back. Used Varget and H4831SC. All my testing was with 140grn Ballistic Tips. Ended up using H4831SC and the 140grn BT's. It was a shooter. I did this because I had a XP100 in .284 ordered from Apache Machine. Got the Xp, installed a Burris 3x12 BP and started shooting the same load that I had worked up with the Encore.
Varget shot very well, but the H4831SC was running just a little, I mean like 75-100 fps more and was just as accurate and it didn't matter if it was summer or dead of winter. I have picked up several hundred Accubonds and now that is my hunting load in 140 grain. I have been shooting some 150grn Sierra's just to practice and they shoot just a good with the Varget. I have about 10 lbs of it so I use it for practice.
Never run RL17. Never can find the stuff around here anyway.
Good luck with your shooting.


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My 284 SP has a short 13"bbl. built on a Sav PTA. RL17 has shot well with 180g bullets, but for the 162g H4831SC has been better for me. Both the listed powders were my top choices, suggested on, and by Ernie (H4831SC)

Shooting "well" for me is under .4MOA (@200y this cal). Still looking for that "great" load (for this SP) closer to my standard goal of .3MOA (SPs in .223, 7TCU, 243WSSM, 260Rem, 300WSM) for bottlenecks.

That's the fun of handloading...& shooting

Mike B.

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Get ahold of Gasixgunner. He's a .284 freak, has all the bullet/powdere stuff figured out. I've seen him make some very good loooong shots with his .284XP.
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Thanks for the replies fellas. I've been playing with 4831sc but not coming close to the velocity I'd prefer out of my 17" barrel. Accuracy is good. Just wanting to tinker a little.
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I've got an XP in 284 Win that I bought from a colleague here at SP. The barrel is 16" (17" including the muzzle break). I've killed 5 whitetail deer w/ the gun at ranges from 40 yards to 200 yards using a number of bullets (120 gr Barnes TTSX, 140 gr NAB; 145 gr Speer Hot Core and 150 gr NBT). All my loads use RL 17. I've been very pleased w/ the results. When I first got the gun, I loaded a few rounds w/ AA 4350 but velocity ran about 100 fps less than RL 17 loads. Accuracy runs from 1/2" to 3/4" at 100 yards. I've not noticed any problems w/ temperature sensitivity, but that may be due to how I'm using it. I work up all my loads doing the late summer/early fall when temperatures run in the upper 90's. During the winter, I'm hunting, not shooting or running loads over the chronograph. My velocities run from a low of 2699 fps (150 gr NBT) to a high of of 2930 fps (120 gr TTSX).

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Good luck and good hunting.
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