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I form a fair amount of wildcats. But for this application let's use my favorite. The 219 Donaldson Wasp devil . I first cut with jig in a chop saw, then chamfer and deburr. Now comes the time consuming part. I use a 30/30 size die to true the neck, then #1 form die, then #2 form die, then final form and trim die, before finishing up with the 219 Wasp full size die. Used to do this all in separate steps in a single stage press. Last time I did it with my Redding T-7 and rotated the turret four times before removing each case from the shell holder. Still time consuming.

Now for my Inquiry. I have acquired a RCBS Pro 2000 progressive press. It is tight as a tick and built like a tank. My plan was to set it up for 357 Mag, but I really don't shoot enough 357 to justify it. Was thinking about selling but then I had a Thought (I know STRANGE ISN'T it). Why not set up a top plate for each wildcat I form that requires enough steps. Then after the 4th pull of the handle a finished case would result. If lubed properly a case makes it through all the dies in the T-7 without re-lubing. Once the dies were mounted in the top plate, no more adjustment would be needed. Just pull a pin and replace with the next top plate. I understand bottom shell plate would also have to be changed OR maybe not my two major wildcats are both based on 30/30 brass. One the 219 Wasp and the other the 6.5BB. I do love 30/30 based wildcats for my Contender.

Surely someone has tried or done this before. If not what are your opinions good or bad. The press is like a tank so I don't think leverage would be a problem. Am I over looking something or do you think this might work.

Going to be out of town for the weekend so not ignoring if i don't reply be patient I will.

Thanks for reading and in advance for all input

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Guys set up Dillon 650 & 1050's all the time to do just what your talking about. It should work just fine. Wink


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The progressive press should work fine. Having the dies in a tool head pre-adjusted and ready to use should make everything much easier. Most of your wildcats being 30-30 based is another handy thing.

Going from 30-30 to 22 do you end up neck reaming to turning the cases?
This is a step that was a pain with a 6 Bullberry Improved that I traded off.

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I use my Dillon 550 to form 20 Classic from 30-30. I use 4 dies in the first forming and using Hornady spray on case lube I have no issues forming just with one application then trim and final forming in the 20 Classic full length die.

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