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110 and 125 flat nose HPs for 30-30 AI? Login/Join 


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I've got a good supply of both the Speer 1835 110 grain "Varminter" HP as well as the Sierra 2020 125 grain FNHP. I was wondering if anybody's used these in 30-30 or AI.

The lighter ones won't work on deer or pigs so they might only be good for target and plinking. The 125s might do for Central Texas deer just fine and for head-shots on pigs but I don't think I'd trust them to hold up on a shoulder shot on a boar.

Any experiences? Accuracy? Performance?

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Years ago, I got about 300 of the 125 grain FNHP in a trade though I really had no need for them. But I decided to give them a whirl in a bolt-action .308. I loaded them on the mild side (if memory serves, somewhere around 2750 fps). They were wicked on coyotes and coons and left gaping exits. They have ample mass to do OK on central TX deer, but I wouldn't use it for a chest shot on a larger hog. For a head shot like you mentioned, they'd be fine.

I used to have the mangled remains of one that I shot length-wise into a coyote from about 150 yards. I'll see if I still have it and maybe have more details on the envelope that I keep them in. I do recall that it didn't resemble the textbook mushroom as the jacket was torn, jagged and almost inside-out with only a smear of lead remaining.

For a lung shot on a deer inside of 200 yards, they'd work very well.

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I have often wondered about them in a 300 BO 10" Contender.

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