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I think I hit the jackpot, I just received 500 Sierra 6mm Single Shot Pistol bullets. Going to use them in my 6mm Bullberry 14" Contender. Anybody have any experience using them? Especially on deer.
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Yes I do. I shot them in a 6mm-225 Win. in a 14" Contender at 2800 fps. In my experience I shot about a dozen or so deer with this combo from about 30 to 110 yards. I did not care for it's performance. On a broadside shot through the lungs it would not exit 90 to 150 lb deer and they would run off 50 to 100 yards and leave little to no blood trail. The bullet came apart and really acted like a varmint bullet. Where I was hunting in north east NC the cutovers were as thick as a jungle and very hard to find a deer in even with a good blood trail. The last few deer I shot using this combo I waited until they were facing me and would put their head down and I would shoot them between the shoulders where the neck met the shoulders and take out the spine and drop them in their tracks. This barrel has a 12" twist and would not stabilize 90 gr Nosler BT. It shot the 80 Sierra SSP very accurate with Varget, sub MOA. I picked up some Nosler 85 gr Partitions to give a try but never did because by the next deer season I got a 14" MGM barrel 30-30AI and it became my deer barrel. The 6-225 has become mainly a safe queen these days but will be my varmint shooter. My hunting situation has changed for deer in NC so I am going to be spending my hunting time in my home area in east TN. Probably will get a chance to do some coyote hunting and may give the 6-225 a try on them with the 80 SS. In case you don't know Sierra discontinued this bullet but I bought up a few hundred because they shot so good in my barrel.
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Sounds like the SSPs are closely related to ELDXs and Nosler LRABs. They perform poorly ,too. I've never used them.
shot1, you should definitely give the 85 PTs a try. They worked fantastic on deer out to 400 in my 6mm AI.
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Those bullets where designed for the 6TCU originally with speeds in the max range of 2600 to 2650 fps anything above that and they are going to just blow up like a varmit bullet. That's been my experience shooting them in a 243 pushing those bullets a bit over 2900 fps on ground hogs. They just went "POOF" Big Grin

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That's good to know I also wanted to use them in my 243 Striker, so I'll stick to the Bullberry. Might invest in a chronograph to check speed.
Thank You for the information. Any way I got them for $75.00, I punch more paper than anything so I didn't get hurt.
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They are a good bullet for Varmints. Shot them in my Encore 15" .243 pistol for years on prairie dogs and coyotes.
Now in the 6.5 bullets I have used them in my XP 100 R 260 and took several antelope and deer with them with no problems and in my 6.5JDJ Contender I have taken 3 wild hogs from 80lb to 150lb and they didn't make if far after the shot. I ran out of them and now I'm using the Ballistic Tips.

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