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Looking for some real life experiences with which powder seems to perform the best in 165-200g loads, target to full tilt. I have Longshot, 800X, #9, some old Blue Dot and a bunch of others. Just gathering info and components right now for a XDM 10 5.25 that I’m purchasing in the future. Got brass, bullets & die’s coming so I can have a few loaded up when I get the gun. Thanks for any help. thumbup


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I'm interested in the info as well. Picked up a Kimber LS Target that I plan on using for hunting.
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It's been at least 15 years since I've loaded for my 10mm but when I did I used Blue Dot and 180gr bullets. It was all just target shooting.

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I found the 165 Sierra to be the top critter getter for deer and hogs. I used blue dot.
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Accurate #9 is a good powder for the 10 mm

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Here’s data from my first series with a Sig 1911 10mm Tac-Ops: [February 2019]
Starline Brass / CCI-300 / Accurate #9 (This data is directly out of the Accurate manual)
Velocity recorded by Lab Radar
Berry’s 165 FP:
13.5 grains / 1212fs
14.0 grains / 1258fs

Speer 165 Gold Dot:
14.0 grains / 1276fs

Sierra 165 HP:
14.0 grains / 1256fs

Sierra 165 V-Crown:
14.0 grains / 1245fs

Berry’s and both of the Sierra bullets gave good accuracy results, Speer’s were a little wide.

Hope this helps
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I was contemplating getting a 10mm and talked with a friend and long time 10mm loader and shooter. He said BLUEDOT was his power of choice for any bullet weight mild to wild.
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While slower powders could, in theory, give higher velocities, the lack of a crimp relegates propellants like H110 and AA-9 to marginal status. Layne Simpson tested many powders in the 1990s and found BlueDot to be the best overall powder for the 10 mm in pistols which require head spacing on the case mouth (in other words, no crimp).

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I have had great success with longshot. i mainly load 180 and 200 grain xtps.
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I have used 2400 with 180 CSW and taper crimped the cases and no problems with bullets walking.
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For all bullet weights, AA9 will be the best choice. For heavy bullets, 2400 will be the best. Blue Dot does really well and you can easily see the powder in the case.
In fact, for just accuracy, Bullseye does quite well, just don't try to push for higher velocities.
Unless shooting in a revolver, you aren't going to see the bullet walking out of the case, nor will it be any more likely to be pushed into the case than any other semi-auto round. I use the longest COL that feeds and chambers and fits the magazine.
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