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2019 07:30 PM
I am fixing to have a 300wsm xp 100 built. It will have a 16 barrel. I will be using 180 sst and wi chester brass and either cci or federal primers.I am not wanting any load data I have that in manuals. My question is to all that load for this cal in rifle or pistol. So my question is i have 3 powders in mind H4350 , IMR 4831 OR THE Superformance. Out of this 3 what do all think would be best to start with? The reason I only considering this 3 is I can use all 3 in other cal from creed to prc to 300 mag. The superpeformace looks like in the hornady reloading manual would give best speeds starting out . But I have used IMR in 300 before with good results . But the H4350 looks like the most universal followed by Superformance. I kniw also that it all depends on what the gun likes. I am just asking what other people has found to there liking .would the 4350 be a better choice over the superformance to start with.
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Hey Snake, My 300WSM SP was a 15" MGM Encore, drop me an email, If you want a bunch of loads. Remember that book loads are for longer bbls, your goal will be to use a bit faster powders, and to find the bullet weight that shoots best.

Don't pick your powder n advance, for me the H4350 was fair. Re-19 a Favorite, also 150-155g shot best in my bbl.

send me a email for a spreadsheet

Mike B.

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I use AA-4350 and RL-15 (Barnes recommendation) in my Savage Striker with 16.5" McGowen barrel.

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As Handcannonshooter said, don't pick your powder in advance, each gun is going to shoot a little different and have different preferences. My 300WSM is a 18" Kriger barreled Striker, it's preferred powders are 4350 for 150-165gr and 4831SC for 175-185gr. I have found prepped Winchester brass to be preferred and I run from Federal.
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