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Do I Need a BR Primer Pocket Uniformer? Login/Join 

Hey guy,
I sent this same question to Sinclair's/Brownell's, but they really didn't answer the question so I'll see what the wisdom of SP has to say. I've been using a Sinclair SR primer pocket uniformer since the mid 90's on the brass for my 22, 6mm and 25 BR handguns. For the 22 BR I've been using R-P brass, but I use Lapua and Peterson on the others. I see that Sinclair now makes a primer pocket uniformer for Lapua BR brass. Do I need to buy the new uniformer or just adjust the cutter on my older uniformer to cut to the BR depth? Why shouldn't I cut the primer pocket the same depth on all my brass, whether Lapua, BR or standard? Confused

Good luck and good hunting.
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I haven’t found a need for it with premium brass like Lapua, Peterson looks pretty good also, but this is my first box.
I always use it on “other” brass as their primer holes vary in depth.

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I have the Sinclair carbide large/small rifle and large pistol primer uniformers. Use the small uniformer on Remington and Lapua brass and see no difference
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Your best bet is work up a batch and test. Will the labor be necessary for the distance you'll be shooting? Yada Yada.
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Without a full blown target/bench rest type rifle I don't think you'll see much difference. That being said I used to uniform all rifle primer pockets but give it up as an unneeded step in most of my rifles. Several years ago I mic'ed some virgin cases and found 40 that needed uniforming as far as depth goes and shot 20 as is and 20 uniformed. I shot the test twice (80 round total @100 yds) and in a 6mm Remington 700 BDL with a bull barrel, it didn't seem to make any difference in groups. Some people it has a marked difference for me not so much.


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