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Anyone shooting a T/C Contender in 22 long rifle match chamber? If so, what ammo does your gun like?

Mine likes CCI subsonic ammo.
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Wolf match and CCI standard.

G whiz, it's a Contender or a G2, never was G1!
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with midas plus I managed around .6" at 100 yards 5 shots
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The one I had previously liked Federal Gold Metal Target stuff pretty well.
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Rimfires are contrary units no two like the same thing, best you can do is get a box of pertanear everything available and try em. One note though wipe the bore out between different kinds and take about 5 shots before going for an group.

Rimfire ammo changes a bit from lot to lot of the same type from the same maker- drives us crazy in bench rest.
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All I've tried in my 10" ss match is hunting ammo, specifically the plated subsonic stuff. The cci segmented (not the quiet segmented) does extremely well and kills woodchucks like the hammer of Thor, if you hit them in the cns. Every one I've popped so far hasn't taken another step with a neck or head connection. I'm looking forward to trying squirrel with them. Wink


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