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I have a Howa rifle for my Grandson, He loves it Big Grin and I am getting to like it more, (being an Encore, and Rem.700 Fan) it's light has a good fit (at least I think so) and so does my grandson.. It is chambered in 204 and perfect for him..

So my question for you guys is, There any Way to CHANGE **OR** MODIFY the magazine release, on this?? The one I have just a slight bump on it and the clip falls out.. Mad Not ever having a Howa rifle I am wandering if factory has changed it, or if any of you guys have. Any help would Great!!!

Thanks !! Alan ><>

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I wish Howa would have never went to that mag release they are currently using...for the reason you already mentioned. They only thing you can really do is take a dremel tool and shorten up the release tab. Leave just enough so your finger can get a good purchase on it and release the mag. That helped decrease a lot of the accidental mag releases for me. I've emailed Howa several times about the poor design, but I don't think they'll change it any time soon.
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dropped the mag so often out of mine, i wrapped the base of the mag in reflector tape to make it easier to find WHEN...not "if" it gets lost.

shorten the mag release will help.


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Thanks Guys I'll Shorten that today!!!!! scratch head

Alan ><>
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