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Ruger Ranch Rifle in 300BLK Login/Join 

I bought a new Ruger Ranch rifle in 300BLK , should be a fun little bolt action and I load 300 Whisper already for my Contender. I took the rifle to range today with some Remington 120 grain factory loads to sight it in and shoot some.
At 50 yards the rifle was producing 4-5" groups , with the rounds that would fire. 2 of 6 were fail to fire. On round #6 I lifted the bolt to remove the spent round and the firing pin assembly ejected itself out the back of the bolt. BTW the rounds did not eject just extracted and dropped the empties in the action. 6 rounds and complete mechanical failure ! Ruger would not allow me to send the bolt back to be repaired had to send the whole gun and in addition I had to wrap the original box in "plain brown paper". I guess they thought some one would steal the gun --- they would be doing me a favor ! Maybe I would get my money back ! Do yourself a favor buy a Remington or Savage ! I bet they will last more than 6 rounds before they fail !!
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man, hate to hear of stuff like that that where factories let stuff go out that never should have left the building...

One of the guys i work with bough the Rem 700 blackout & it had a lazy'd pull 'em from the chamber with no issues, but in ejecting the cases would often just do a 180-degree flip & they'd end up backwards, still in the action.

he took it to the Remington service center, and they cleaned it and gave it back to him, doing nothing to fix the issue....after arguing with them he had an M16 style extractor which did fix it, but of course he had to pay for that.

Hopefully ruger will make it right quickly!


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Sorry you are having problems - I have a Ruger American Ranch in .223, and it has performed flawlessly !
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Wow that's about as fast a fail that I have heard of. Sorry to here thanks for sharing!

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I have multiple Ruger firearms and the 300BLk is not my first out of the box failure. I guess I should learn but I like their products. Still fuming though.
I guess us old cranky guys are that way !!
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I got the Ruger back last Friday and took it to the range today! 29 of 40 rounds fired. 0 of 40 rounds ejected .Rounds that did shoot grouped well ,10 shots 11/4" at 100 yards. At least the bolt did not fly apart again!
I am very discouraged with Rugers quality. I outlined all three problems, they only put the firing pin back in the bolt. seemed to do nothing for the failure to fire and ejection problems. I think the "tech" lied about the 10 round function test because it has not ejected the first round yet !! And 29 of 40 fired with commercial ammo. Remington, fired ! Multiple people have them and say they love them ,unfortunately I'm not one of them !!
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Today I got a call from Ruger and they the fired the rifle 30 rounds of Hornady ammunition and the gun functioned 100%. All rounds fired and all rounds ejected !They "prefer " to give me a refund for the rifle and have this issue resolved. The said they would return the rifle but they "prefer" to give me a refund. I guess I'll just take the refund and be done with this saga, which has been quite unhappy experience ! I have a Contender in 300 Whisper which shoot all of the rounds I put it ,with no complaints, and just have some Remington 120Hps to shoot in the Contender. In closing I have never owned a new rifle that would not function commercial ammunition of any manufacturer.
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