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grand son wants to get an AR for short range deer and hog hunting , 100 yards or so. The three rounds that are being considered are 223 fast twist with heavy bullets, 300 BLK super sonic loads or the 6.5 Grendel. Which would be the best hog killer. I hope Bobby T will chime in on this. Thanks in advance for your opinions and hopefully actual hunting experience.
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I have killed many deer with 300 blackout out of a 14" mgm contender barrel. Jeremy is making me a xp in it now. I also have a mgm encore and a ssk contender in 6.5 grendel, assume caliber. In Illinois we can't hunt deer with grendel. It is by far better then blackout. Don't forget about the new 224 valkyrie.

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The 6.5 Grendel is a great round and good value for ammo.

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300acc Blackout is good round is you need a little more get a 450 Bushmaster.
The 450 makes a good deer rifle.
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Well its not on your list but ill put a vote in for the 6.8spc. Good selection of bullets are now available that are made to work with the velocity range of the round. Slightly more meat to the bolt adds a little extra strength. Also performs well in shorter barrels.
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Get the 6.5 Grendel with 18 to 20" barrel. The 6.8 is all but dead. There are a good number of ammo makers that are making 6.5 Grendel. There is not that much more recoil of the 6.5 Grendel compared to the 223. You can SMOKE deer/hogs waaaaaay out there with 123 gr bullets at 2550 fps. Do your research carefully before you purchase if you are going to get a complete AR upper. Do a search for the 6.5 Grendel forum there is a load of information on there. I would caution you on choosing a Bear Creek Arsenal upper. They are a crap shoot if you get a good shooter or a shotgun. The price is great on them around $350 but it is a crap shoot as to what you get. I bought one and am in the process of sending it back to BCA because I got a SHOTGUN not a rifle. With Hornady 123 SST ammo that those that get good shooting BCA uppers will shoot under MOA mine shoots 5" Groups at 100 yards. There is an upper that has great reviews that has for under $600. If I can't get BCA to fix my upper and if they will not refund me for it I will replace the barrel myself with a Faxon or Odenworks or the like because I can not get everything that comes with this upper separately for what I have in the complete BCA upper. Good luck and good shooting.
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Here's another plug for the 6.8spc. Bought a Bushmaster 'upper', a 14" Contender and a Ruger M77 in 6.8 for my 5 grandsons to hunt with when they come up to 'Poppop's' house. So far the 6,8 has accounted for 3 hogs and 2 does, all 1 shot kills.

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Of those mentioned, I would go with the 6.5 Grendel. The Blackout will work just fine within the range he'll be shooting, but it is a bit lacking for larger hogs should he ever have opportunities at extended distances.

While I don't have a Grendel, my 6.5x30-30 AI is virtually the ballistic equivalent. Recoil is very mild, and the lethality of those long, streamlined 6.5mm bullets at moderate velocities is rather impressive.

I've used fast-twist .223s and have no problems with them for deer, but the appropriate bullets are a bit limited. And while they'll certainly work on hogs with good placement, I prefer just a bit more mass for perforating porkers.

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IMO, the 6.8 is far from dead. I've built two in the last couple of years, and have taken three deer in two years with them. Two being big Kentucky bucks. It flat out works. If you build one, AR15 Performance is the place for barrels, bolts and brakes.
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The Grendel was my choice. I have two, a HOWA mini and an AR. I lucked out and got a fine shooting upper from BCA, a copy of the M4. Velocities are not super high mid 2500 fps area but the sleek bullets hold their speed well. I also have a 1-7 inch twisted 20 inch 5.56 upper that I shoot 75 grain bullets in. Works OK but expect to lose some hogs with chest hits if you don't hit the shoulder or spine. They can run a ways even hit in the lungs as the wound channels are not all that awesome.
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