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35-30/30 win

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August 16, 2017, 02:39 PM
35-30/30 win
my first rifle is a winchester(post '64) model 1894 in 30-30 win. we had some great times but i retired her for good (about 20+ years ago). i was moving (i forget where, it was 15-16 years ago) the m94 broke its front sight. then about 14 years ago, i noticed that surface rust was on the receiver. i tried everything and the kitchen sink but i couldn't get it off. i took it to a gunsmith who could reblue it and he said "don't waste your time, the receiver was made out of sintered metal casting." so i took it home and i forgot to buy a front sight. and there it sat, until....

i was going to buy a mauser 98 or a montana rifle in 257 bob. i figured out that it would cost me x amount of dollars. or i could spend that amout and i could get a,b and c finally done. since it will take a couple of months to do the m94, (a & b i'm doing), i want to rebore it to 35-30/30. ( i have 30-40 krag and 165gr ranch dog.)

since i've got into the cast boolits game, it seems like a great fit. the area that i hunt it will close range type of thing(deer/black bear), about 50 yards. but i will take it to 150 yards. i've been thinking that the 35-30/30 will need a "mans" boolit, 250 - 280gr fn gc, to do a "mans" game, deer/black bear. sorry, i'm laughing too hard!!! i believe it will go 1600-1800fps.

i'll probably be using a peep sight, (its a top eject, 1973) and for the front sight it will plain small bead or a fire sight.

i want to do the 35-30/30 and i probably will. but what other calibers(38-55/26"+ barrel is on my bucket list) should i use?

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February 08, 2018, 07:45 PM
I am curious as to your plans with the 35/30 WCF.

I have a mid-70's 94 that will possibly receive this treatment.

It was originally my brothers that he disassembled and left it in pieces...after a fair number of years it fell into my lap. Now it only needs final assembly and I stopped...looking at the situation in my gun safe.

I have my dad's 94 trapper 16".
I have a standard '76 top eject 20" that is a fun little rifle to play with.
I also have a nice Marlin 336 JM 20" that sits next to its Winchester buddies.
So...do I need another 30 WCF chambered rifle...nah.
Thought about a rebore...there is 32 WCF...32-40 WCF...and that 35 30-30...already have bullets on hand since I load for 35 Remmy...

I guess I need more info on the cartridge if you have any and what your cost was you were able to find on the re-boring?

Do they need to pull the barrel or can they re-bore and then run a reamer in with the bolt removed?

February 09, 2018, 02:50 PM
I had a .35-30-30 lever gun years ago. I lost a NICE deer because I reached for the BOLT instead of the LEVER. Dumb move.! I traded it for a nice ground hog rifle . It was very effective( the llever gun) on crop raiding Does.