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recently got a 1893 spanish mauser(1922) in 7x57. the stock is an unfinished(80-85% complete), barrel is cut to 21" and the bore is a mess. unmatching serial #, there is no rear or front sight. about all i can say good is the trigger works. my gunsmith will determine if it is safe or not. if not, oh well, i spent $80. it will be pieced out .

if yes, then the gunsmith will d&t it for a scope, bend the bolt, do a two position safety, replace the trigger to something like timney or such and rebarrel the action. the stock, i don't know about it. maybe it will stay, maybe it not.

since i done a 7x57(98 mauser/20" douglas) years ago(i gave to my son),i think it will be a 257 roberts. i'll use it for whitetails(about 150lbs or so) only. i won't be taking my shots long range, 300 yards and under. most likely it will be 50 yards and under in brush that i hunt. i have a 9.3x57, 444 marlin, 45-70 and a 500 linebaugh rifles. i've used a 223 thru 500 linebaugh calibers and i found that a 7 mauser is the best of them. but........i wanna 257 bob!!!!

this will be next years rifle. i have too many irons in fire to do a bob right now. but i'm open to suggestions? should i do a bob or not?

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Its YOUR rifle ! The 7x57 is a sweet cartridge as is the 6.5x55 but in your heart you want a .257Roberts,

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