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Back in November I went to the gun show an ran across a Winchester 94 AE in 44 mag without a safety! I couldn't live without it and I had to take it home. So after a little wheeling and dealing I got it. I brought it home and it wouldn't work. I took the whole gun apart and after about two hours of trial and error I figured out that the bolt carrier was loose. I tightened it up and she worked just like a new one. That Monday I took it to the rifle range. The gun already had a Williams peep sight on it and I wanted to hunt with it that week so I just decided to use it for the time being. I tried about five or six different factory loads in it and ended up using Winchester 240 grain SP that are in the white box (by no means the cheap ones). I got it sighted in at fifty yards and was shoot about a three in group. No a spectacular group but plenty good enough to deer hunt. Tuesday morning came and I headed to the woods. Right at 7:30 I thought I heard something back in the woods. I got ready and was watching from where I heard the noise. The next thing I knew all I could see was antler. I got my gun up and he stopped at forty yards perfectly broad side. I got right on him and shot! He hunched up and ran about fifty yards and just stopped. I got my gun up to shoot again but it wasn't a good shot and he wasn't moving just standing there. I was ready for him as I was going to shoot again if he took off. All of the sudden he fell. I was super excited! The deer was no wall hanger trophy but I was very proud of him plus I got to shoot him with my new rifle. I am convinced that in the mid west there are very few legal guns that can beat a good 44 mag to deer hunt with. I am more then happy with my model 94 and hope that I can shoot another one with it next year!
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That's great!!
Show us some pix!
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Congrat's! I want one of those in 45 Colt.

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That's awesome...congrats!!! And yes, post some pictures, please... Smile

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Congrats. Always wanted to shoot a deer with a lever gun and peep sights. Just never done it.
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I used my M-94 Trapper in .45LC to take a couple Kodiak Island blacktails some years ago, used the Lee 250 FN ahead of 15 grains of BlueDot. Worked far better than the Keith style cast I'd used in this cartridge in the past, complete pass throughs and only a short run on both. Used modified factory sights back when my eyes worked better, today have a FastFire III mounted. Really like the little rifle.

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