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Hello All
Looking for any feedback folks might have on the Henry Long Ranger. I've always been partial to lever guns but disappointed in 1) accuracy and 2) tube magazines. Realizing that there there are several options for mag fed lever action, I didn't hear much about accuracy potential in those platforms and never investigated deeply. I have been seeing some reviews of the Henry offering where folks who bench it and shoot off bags seem to get good sub MOA accuracy. Does anyone here have any experiences they can share? I am probably looking at the 6.5CM offering as 308 seems like a handful for an afternoon of shooting in that platform and 243 lacks the heavy bullet options although I could reload the 308 to suite my needs.
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Shot a 358Win in a Browning Lever Rifle for many years. Accurate (well, w/in the 100yd max shots I could take) dependable, portable - but too powerful for my shoulders now.
Haven't had a chance to see a Henry in person, however, they look as butt-ugly as the Brownings laugh, But I'd consider one in 243 for my purposes.
Brownings are more expensive now, and Henry's aren't WalMart priced either. If the Henry is as good as the Browning at that price, I'd look closer.
If you get one, keep us posted.

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Finding a good used Savage 99 is another option. One of two rifles I deeply (read DEEPLY) regret selling was a Savage 99 in .250 Savage. Nice rifle
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The reports I've read have been very positive on the Henry, with factory ammo. I believe 22plinkster did a video on one. Based on their customer service reports, I wouldn't be afraid to try one if I was in the market for a mag feed lever. That said, I've always been a fan of the browning but they're made in Japan unlike the Henry.


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