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Model 94 rebore questions Login/Join 

okay so I wanted to start a new thread instead of hijacking a previous one.

looking to rebore a 94 post 64 Winchester. was originally looking at the 35/30-30 and then started doing more research and digging about finding that the 38-55 is a viable caliber for my rifle.

question now is that as I look at the factory loads for the 38-55 vs the 375 Winchester that replaced it...what would that rebored rifle be at for "safe" loads? I remember that the 375 came out in the 94 XTR and had a beefier receiver if I recall correctly. I handload so working up some warmer loads for a 38-55 wouldn't be a problem however I think I'd have more fun with case loads of Trailboss and cast bullets generally.

anyone have some insight on this?
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You could end up with brass that has a mark on it from where the 30-30 case taper meets the 38-55. I know of two that have the slight line, it is only cosmetic and has had no issues with brass.
Others will argue, I would not want to wind the 38-55 up to 375 pressures in the 94. If you were fooling with a 336, I would not be to worried about it. 99 Savage, full tilt 375.

I see no reason or want to magnumize the 38-55. It is a very capable cartridge.
I myself have several lever gun projects I want to get done pretty quick. All on 336's, 356WW rebore and tapered octagon 38-55, may end up half round half octagon with a short magazine tube.


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figure if I can get about 1500-1800 fps from a 20" that would be fine with about a 300 gr or smaller cast GC'd bullet.

thinking the fun part would be finding the load that best takes care of hogs and such. Smile
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I had a Winchester 94 30-30 rebored to 38-55 by

He did a great job, you just need to choose 3 or 4 grove.
It takes about a week and 3 days after he gets it.
Just ship the whole rifle UPS or FedEx.

The 94 action will not take the loads of the 375Win it will blow up.
Winchester sells a special action 94.

38-55 will kill any thing in North America. I load a jacketed bullet.
I whitetail hunt with it here in Ohio.
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