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.22lr - 40x vs Anschutz, opinions please Login/Join 

I have been looking for a local .22lr 40x for a few years. Of course plenty are on GB and different forums but I somehow can't part with the money unless I see, touch and feel this particular gun. Anyhow, to procrastinate a for just a bit on the 10 things with deadlines that I need to be doing instead of looking at guns, I read a bit about Anschutz.

What are your thoughts about Anschutz? I bit of reading and I am overwhelmed.

Of course I want to suppress it. They uniquely counter bore the factory threaded versions... interesting. I'd use it for shooting enjoyment and then to pass some nice stuff to my son down the road.


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I currently have 3 Anschutzs,and have had 2 40X rimfires over the years,and am kicking myself in the rear for selling them,but anyhow,the Anny`s are a mighty fine piece of equiptment,as are the 40X`s,although both are getting a bit expensive at todays prices..FYI,pacific Tool and gauge is making a 40X rimfire clone action,as is Stiller.You could always go that route and build what you want..

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I've had a 40X Rangemaster rifle, and my son has two anny's. One is a 4P rifle (Mod. 1907), and the other is a dedicated benchrest gun (Mod.64 action).
Like XP Fuzz stated, the Anny's are masterful pieces of work. Silky smooth actions, and amazing triggers. Not to mention they shoot like nobodies business.
My 40X shot well, but not like the Anschutz rifles. Plenty of accessories available from Anschutz to boot. Especially for their target rifles... 2cents

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A complete build on a 40x type action done right will blow the doors off any Anne factory unit. Even when worked over the Anne will come out second best for the most part. Now as a position rifle or say silly wet the Annies are the better choice. At the cost point of a new Annie position unit You can build a heck of a 40x clone ( of course we are talking a large amount of scratch in either case.) This is directed at benchrest units. General everyday multi purpose Annie, Cooper and a few others. That 700 type action mass vs the fairly small Annie has a bit to do with it. Most Annies are press fit barrels not easily changed out ( with the exception of the Square action)- 40x threaded. I can think of 3 trigger units that surpass my Annie units one of which I have in my 40x bench gun. 2 of my Annies have the double set trigger from a bunch of years ago, in the set mode almost the same as my 40x. An aquintance has a bench 54 action Annie current model nice rig still I mangage to clip him 2-1 with my old 40x. Wish I could build a Stiller clone but I do not think my son will let me sell the twins.
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Thank you for the replies, although I am reading every other post as either a vote for 40x or an Anschutz. Now a friend has me looking at the Sako Quad Range. Anyone have Sako rimfire experience?

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The Sako Quad with a Lilja barrel can be an expectionally good shooting rifle. It has enough practical accuracy for 99% of the shooting public unless BR50 is your game, but the extractor can be weak especially compared to the 40x.
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if your not looking for something to shoot in competition but something that is very accurate, easy to suppress and you can pass down to your son and is also portable take a good look at the CZ 452,455 and the older Ruger 77/22's. If you need to handle any of these just let me know the next time you come north. I have several of each.


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