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Finally! Love it when it works out... Login/Join 

-I buy this old gun, it'll be 100 in the next decade or so. But I like this particular model of rifle.
-Action has been swiss-cheesed by a heavy handed drunk, but I figured that out and made it look good anyway, with a scope.
-Can't get brass, so I have to make it from another cartridge. Not a big deal to some of you, but I had'nt done it yet.
-Can't get commercial bullets, well, not really. So I have to find a mold. Which I don't mind as I cast my own for many other calibers anyway. But it's the ONLY bullet I can, gotta make it work.
-Load data is oooooh-kaaaaay, I made many trips to the range with resulting groups of a couple inches at 50 yards...hohum at best.

Then finally, I hit on a powder/bullet/primer combo that just works. It's like night and day. 1/2" groups, many holes touching or over-lapping.

Dont'cha love it when things finally work out?

Oh yeah, the rifle in review is a Savage model 23 in 25-20...pre-1933.

Hope your weekend was as successful...
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