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Saw a while back Ruger was chambering their american rifle in .450BM, but i wasnt really on the lookout for more thumpers.

last week i went into a gunshop that was a little outside our area, and they had the 16" .450BM in the rack....priced cheap. I made the mistake of handling it, and naturally i decided maybe life would be better with such a combo...after all, been seeing big hogs on camera... paperbag

did some scope swapping, and stuck a 2x7 on it. havent weighed it, guessing at 6.5 pounds scoped. the fellow in the shop said he had fired one and the brake was pretty effective.

didnt care for the dirt colored tupperware stock so i did a home-brewed camo job:

won't get to shoot it for another week, i ordered dies/brass/assorted bullets. I've never loaded the .450BM before, saw some pretty decent online reviews for this chambering in the ruger american.

a few days ago, went back down to deer camp to do our weekly trail cam check, and find pix of the biggest hog we've had on camera yet...maybe an omen the new gun will be a good hog-shooter? he's been coming in to the same feeder about every other day...

Going to load some assorted trial loads with stuff like the barnes .451 (muzzloader bullet), along with the Hornady XTP-Mag, also the Hornady 300gr SST, etc, to see what loads it shoots well.

Looks like the assorted books show 250's will do 2300fps, or 300's at about, bullets that perform well in .460 revolvers will be about right.

for those that shoot .450BM's, or .460 S&W's, what bullets have you found that worked well, at those speeds?




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Looks like fun! Let us know how she does.
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Very cool, I like the camo! Barnes has the spitzer style pistol bullets for the 454's & 460's that should do well. Also maybe the Swift A-Frame pistol bullets? We expect range report & pics of dead hogs.
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Oh sure, get me thinking about building a thumper AR15 upper again! laugh

Looking forward to your shooting report.


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Very nice camo job G! Wonder how the Hornady Flex Tips for the 460 would work in that? I tried some in the 454 and they hold together pretty good in media. Gonna have to get some IR goggles and put the hammer to that hog. thumbup


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