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Reinforcing Savage Stock to Improve Accuracy: Yay or Nay??

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August 16, 2017, 07:51 PM
Gary T
Reinforcing Savage Stock to Improve Accuracy: Yay or Nay??
Hey guys,
I've got 3 Stevens Model 200 rifles (basically a bare bones Savage Model 110 w/o Accu-trigger). They're chambered in 20 Practical, 221 Fireball and 223 Rem. All 3 are accurate, but are prone to frequent flyers. The 223 shoots well from sandbags, but not from a bipod; the others are ok w/ a bipod. The stocks on these guns are notorious for being very flexible, especially in the forend. My question: do any of you all have experience reinforcing the forend of these stocks in an effort to improve the accuracy? I've read of a number of different techniques, but if I do this, I'd use this technique.. I'd probably start w/ the Fireball and see what kind of results I get. What do you think? In your experience, it is a worthwhile project or not? Other options would include bedding the action or just buying a new stock entirely. Thanks for your advice.

Edited to add: The 223 has a factory barrel w/ OD at the muzzle of 0.58". The 204 Practical and 221 Fireball barrels has a little heavier w/ OD at the muzzle of 0.74" and 0.7". I had to open up the barrel channels on the latter two. All 3 barrels are free floating.

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Good luck and good hunting.
August 17, 2017, 06:13 AM
I have done this a time or two, it works okay. If you don't plan to shoot off a bipod then you can get the same improvement by simply relieving the barrel channel so it won't touch any where. To save weight you can use aluminum or carbon fiber arrow shafts instead of steel all-thread. Much better is an aftermarket stock or one of the old factory wooden stocks.


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General Robert E. Lee
August 17, 2017, 07:29 AM
Ditto to the above. Buddy modified his factory stock with not a lot of improvement for time energy and effort spent.


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