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Got a wildcat round (20 MGM) 20 TCM that needs an action. Case length of 1.0" with a OAL of 1.5".
Will not load in my Savage single shot Model 12 action WITHOUT pointing it up and starting it into the chamber before you think about closing the bolt.
Out of curiosity, I just happened to bring out my XP 100 converted rifle and laid a round in the action, started closing the bolt and it fed like a dream. Cool
So, that got me to thinking. Did Remington make a "lefty" actioned 600 or 660?
I know they didn't maker a lefth XP.
Thinking lefty shot right handed like my Savage lefty action. Lefty action fitted to a right hand thumb hole stock. Right hand stays in the thumb hole while my free left hand works the bolt and feeds ammo. A dream for bench shooting. thumbup Thoughts??
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The Remington 600/660 was never made in a left handed model.

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What chamber was it you tried it in?
Smaller chamber will make wall thickness more, if you follow my drift. Larger chamber will let the smaller round feed for sure.

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Could always get a Remington undesignated 700 short action left hand and make it a rear grip or center grip pistol.


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Chamber was/is .221 Fireball. My favorite. Wink Seemed to be a natural fit for the short MGM (20TCM). If I have to, I'll build another XP rifle but I would prefer a lefty of some sort, just for bench shooting. Still thinking a "heavy" Martini would do the job. HAD a heavy rim fire BSA Martini that came in around 20 pounds that got away from me. Convert one of those to center fire, make sure it was reliable on extraction and chamber it to the 20 MGM. Cool Just thinking out loud. Thinking and dreaming hasn't cost me anything so far. Big Grin
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If it would feed the short round. That's the question. Thinking the 600 or 660 might be the same size (ID) as the XP action? Remember, any action that would/can feed the short round can be used if the barrel is at least 16" and the OAL is at least 26".
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Rem Model 7 is/was the same length as the M600, XP100. The XP100R is the same action as the M7. I've put an M600 into a Model 7 stock using an aluminum to accomodate the offset the rear action screws.
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If this is a Fireball XP action, then it is not a repeater, and would require more than a little modification to make it one. Probably cheaper to start with the new undesignated action. Besides, the last time I looked, unmolested Fireball XP-100 guns were becoming a pretty rare commodity.

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