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Found this case at the range. Some guys that left as I got there had some unidentified old military rifles in their trunk.
Head stamp is as follows:
Top has 1-55
Right side has a capitol letter I or a Roman numeral
Bottom has 7.62
Left side has SF
These markings show it to be a military round but I'm confused by the 7.62. To me, that is a .308 designation and I have many of those to compare with. This case looks like a 30/06 case, not in any way like a .308 case.
BTW, it is definitely stamped 7.62.
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think you could post a picture?
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It sounds like a 7.62x74R, but withk ut a pic and maybe a ruler next to it it could be a lot of older ones. 7.62 is also a bullet diameter as is .308.

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SF : French Society of Munitions
I: Society Franco-Belge Metallurgy in Issy Les Moulineaux .
1/55 : 1st quarter 1955.
7.62 : 30 caliber US (.30-06)

Hope this helps.
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Some of the Allies in WW-II referred to the 30/06 as a 7.62 x 63. Many of them loaded ammunition for the 30/06 because of the thousands of Garands, Springfields and U.S. Enfields supplied by the USA.

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Thanks. I'm not a cartridge collector.......anyone want it? Free.
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