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I built a Charger years ago for son and daughter to shoot silhouettes.
Only thing original is the action, Kidd barrel, Kidd two stage trigger,Kidd bolt and rod guide.
Leo 2.5 x 8 pistol scope. I was thinking about trying 1/5 scale silhouette with it so I bought two different kinds of 22 ammo to see how it would shoot. We use SK Standard plus for silhouettes. Sure need more the 8X for shooting at 100 yards. I had difficult time seeing the smaller targets I used first and used bigger targets later and I shot bigger groups. Ashamed to say I don’t remember the last time I cleaned the Charger so I cleaned it today and will shoot it again this week to see if it make any difference in group sizes.

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They are fun to play with!

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iron or scope? Those are very good for 100 yards from a pistol, only suggestion would be to try some other ammo upscale from the SK match like Center-x or Eley black box. Matter of finding a particular lot that it likes best. Sometimes the high velocity stuff works better in the pistol due to the shorter barrel as it doesn't attain the full velocity as in a rifle barrel of say 18-24" and therefore avoids the trans-sonic shift.
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100 yds and Leo 2.5x8 scope. I have a Leo 12X rifle scope that I might put on the Charger. Will try some other brands of ammo too
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Jay, I shoot SK Standard Plus in my Charger. It also has a Weaver T24 24X scope. It is fifth-scale chicken accurate at 100 yards. Mine has basically the same mods as yours, except I have a Green Mountain barrel 13.5" long. Another thing I have found about the Charger - the more firmly it is held (grip and fore end) the better it groups !
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The Chargers & clones are a lot of fun. I built mine using a Tactical Machining receiver and a 14 1/2" McGowen barrel, not many things left on it that are Ruger. Currently it has a SWFA 10x on it with moa knobs and reticle. With the burris rings I have 90 moa of adjustment and then the hash marks on the reticle. Wish I had the 12x but they weren't out yet with moa knobs & reticle and I was leaving for Wy-Shot with it so I got the 10x. I wouldn't mind trying a 24x to see what this thing will do.

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Jay- There is nothing wrong with your setup. I have shot 40 + 60 with my charger and not with the Anschutz. If you're shooting 1.5 inch groups from any kind of Creedmore, that is great shooting. Shot 1/5 scale and don't look back.
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