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Went to try My FA Single Shot again
Put on A Witt Machine Muzzle break
Pistol was so light it was jumping out of the bags

Went with 2400 and a 158 gr XTP bullet 12.5 gr powder
Tasco 24x scope
25 Shots at 50 yards

I was happy with result, Break worked, gun was easy to maintain
Seems like over kill for a 357 Magnum, but the gun jumped way to much for me
I was surprised how light the FA is

I tried 4227, since it came highly recommended
It shot OK, barrel was very dirty

Took out my TC also
It shot well, had to share
25 shots at 50 yards, 158 XTP with a very robust load of HS6

Had a great day, Left early, very cold out here in CA, under 60 degrees

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Good shooting! Is that a vortex scout on the contender? If so how do you like it? Eye relief, clarity.....etc. I have one coming on Christmas.

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I Love the Vortex Crossfire
It has been a great scope, exceptional clarity
I wish they made it 8x32 instead of 6x24

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That's good shooting!
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Some great shooting!!!

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Great shooting! I got a witt machine muzzle brake for my Encore in 44 Mag and I feel the difference for sure. It is not the most appealing (It looks ok but it is huge Big Grin ) but it definitely works.
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