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I have been teaching a few people how to shoot lately and I have one individual that keeps doing the same thing and I can't figure out what causes this. They start out fine but as they shoot they start bringing the gun closer an closer to themselves and they start dropping the rear of the gun down an just focusing on the front sight. Course there shots keeping going higher an higher. Shooting a Ruger mark 2. Any suggestions as to why? I have seen this at the range before by others.


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Age vs eyes and muscle fatigue. Takes a lot of practice on iron sights to keep the proper picture, also to develop the muscle memory to keep things in line. Eyes fatiguing will cause the pulling in closer for focus ( only have a few seconds before the eyes start lose it). The shooter doesn't even realize what is happening ( a video really helps). I had an older gal I was teaching pistol to. She would break her wrist and elbow almost every-shot with a .22- enough so that she would get constant failure to feed / eject problems- she could even make my Hammerli 208 do it. Took awhile and a couple quicky videos of her firing to get her out of that.
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Too much TV maybe?
I have seen a lot at my club. I just try and ignore it anymore. Not to be an azz but it seems they all know every thing. If they ask I will help. If they don't I have my own chores to work on. Sure seems, no, I do have less range time than in years past.
Folks have to want to shoot better. There are very few naturals out there. And, like anything one has to practice practice. A range outing here and there just doesn't cut it.
They also have to be willing to learn as a student. Your video is a darn good idea. What is the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. A video has to be worth a million.
Folks have asked me to coach some of our younger folks. I don't think I am that good of a shooter. So, if I can't do it how can I tell some one else how to do it or what they are doing wrong.
They don't disagree but one of my analogies on being consistent to a point, do it wrong but do it wrong the exact same way every time.

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If the targets close, I catch people watching the target for the bullet hole and not even looking at the sights...


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Ok I like the video idea. An yes the target was close 5yds an 7yds. Fatigue makes since because the first few shots are fine but then the rear starts it's downward trek. I took 4 people none had ever shot a pistol what so ever 1 of them had shot a rifle. 1 male an 3 females. They asked for help so I'm glad to help anyone that wants to get into the sport an they did come to me an ask. Not just me dragging them along.
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Do you maybe think it's a reaction to recoil? Their trying to compensate for the recoil and letting it flip instead of the surprise let off? I know my bro who doesn't get to practice much has a tendency to let the hard kickers flip up and at other times he jerks down to counteract the recoil. My 454 Encore just about parted his hair one time when he tried that limp wrist crap with it.


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I've also seen this fatigue thing before; and its easy to forget that holding a pound or two at arms length is really hard for some folks. Some lifting of weight from the hip to the shooting position helps a lot - but its up to them.
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Doubt it is recoil they were shooting a 22. After read these suggestions I really think it's fatigue an or just looking for the hole in the target. Mind you this was there first time shooting so it's not like this is a bad habit they have had for years.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys

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Videos definitely help. You can replay in SLOW motion and pick their style apart. Shows them what they are really doing. Fatigue can be cured with correct exercise programs.
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