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I finally got to go to the range
I had a stroke over Christmas, and have been sidelined. Blood pressure over 200 I found out was not a good thing.
While I had time to clean the garage, I found a plate that I retro fitted to my 7 fingers stock to make it a 3 inch forend

I then went to work to make it work with my XP Fuzz convertible rest

Went to try it out

Ten shoot groups at 100 yards
6x45 XP 100 with a 65 gr bullet



WOW, Had great day, all worked well
It will be nice to have only one rest to take to the range

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They are groups to be proud of , nice shooting ! thumbup thumbup
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I’d take those groups any day. Nice shooting!!

Nice rig too!

“Dyin ain’t much of a livin”
Josey Wales
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Hope you are all recovered from the stroke Dan!
Great shooting and nice looking set up.
Derek >>>------->
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Congrats! Doesn't get much better than that!!!

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Very impressive!
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Awesome groups!!! Glad your on the road to recovery from you stroke.
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Super nice … all the way around.
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