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July 4th Freedom range day Login/Join 

Took the new to me Contender 257JDJ carbine setup, the XP100 7BR and the contender 12" .22 hornet for a little July 4th range time. Over all not a bad day. (any range day is usually good)The carbine was first with fire forming loads and sighting in the scope. Got it on at 50yds and fired a 3 shot group measuring .321" Moved to 100 yds. The first 3 shot group went 1.204" but the first two were at .469" with the last shot opening it up. The next group was .759" so were still around 1" avg. for those two groups. The 7BR xp100 was next and I was trying the 120gr. Vmax and H322 powder and sighting in a different scope on that one too. I got it on paper at 50yds and fired one 3 shot group at that range which measured .256". At 100yds my only group was 2.610" with the first two at .561" and me pulling the third shot so this load has promise. I fire the rest of the 7BR loads on the 200 yd. steel plate. Last was my hornet and 5 shots at 50 yds. to check zero measured .591". I didn't shoot a 100 yd. group with this one because I was running out of time. I did send a few of those little rounds into the 200 yd. steel plate though.
Like I said overall a good day.

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A day at the range is always good!!!!! Happy 4th!!!!!

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