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Finally got some shooting in Login/Join 

rooooogar lover


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After not shooting for almost a year, finally got to the range.

I shot my Bisley FT 44 Special, a Clements modified 44 mag and my Baer 1911 22lr. Also got to fire up some ammo in the 378GNR Encore and the 6.5JDJ Contender.

It was a good time even though, it was a little warm. I need to commit to shooting at least weekly like I used to do.



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Great to hear!! I get out a minimal of twice a week for much needed group therapy.
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Dandy! There is hope for us loosers. Big Grin i have plans to be in better position at some point.

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Good for you Tim thumbup

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I would agree more is always better!!!! I don't think there is a better therapy period. Congrats on getting out to the range.

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Glad to hear you had a good shoot, magman! thumbup And yes, there's a lot of good "therapy" in ANY shoot! Big Grin

Good luck and good hunting.
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Back when I was competing, I shot multiple times a week. Most often it was offhand drills at 100 yards or greater, handgun or riffffffles, didn't matter. I always wanted to be the guy that could drill targets at longer ranges, quickly. I do somewhat miss those days, I sure spent a lot of time reloading.

Now, I spend more time looking for the gear I want to add on to my guns than anything else. I did make a trip with my sbr this weekend (and the quiet bolt rifffffle in 22), I definitely enjoy the quiet life now. Going to be hard to go back to wheelguns and all their noise, one of these days...


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