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Invited Derek [Arrowflinger] and his wife Lisa out for a pistol match
at the Sacramento Valley shooting Facility
We shot six 5 shot groups per card at 200 yards for both group and score
We used a UBR target

Derek's new pistol

Lisa's pistol - my old gun

My Pistol

Derek scored 46-46-43-43-42-43 for 263
groups.987-.923-.784-.860-.794-1.812 agg .513
Lisa scored 42-52-41-45-46-49 for 275
groups 2.760-.563-1.391-1.330-1.529-1.422 agg .750
Dan scored 48-48-45-49-51-46 for 287
groups 1.043-1.863-.743-1.096-.962-1.799 agg .642

Derek won the group .513 and dan won the score with 287

Card two
Derek 49-47-47-47-46-49 for 285
group 1.118-.744-.963-1.042-1.158-.866 agg .491
Lisa 42-52-41-45-46-49 for 275
group 1.179-1.216-.814-1.232-.975-.918 agg .528
Dan 48-50-51-50-48-48 for 295
group 1.377-1.171-.972-.975-1.515-.967 agg .581

Drek won the group .491 Dan won the score with a 295

Great fun match, great format using group and score
Give it a try, 200 with a pistol is a challange
Light wind conditions but the switches were very quick and bullet moved over half inch when you lost the push
Plan to do a couple next year

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Nice shooting sounds like lots of fun. Is the flat ?? on the top of the barrel to reduce reflections in the scope view? Curious as I've not seen something like that.
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Yes that is a mirage shield. Pretty common in BR and F-Class matches. Sometimes see them in high power rifle matches too.

What cartridges were you guys and gal using?

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Nice shooting congrats!!!

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Dan and Derek shot a 6 PPC and lisa a 6BR
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Glad you got out and did some shooting.

Ernie (xphunter) "The Un-Tactical"
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Looks like an awesome time was had by all! Smile
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Beautiful XPs
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