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Looking for some tips from those who have done it. Been doing this for about a year now and while I have seen some improvement my lack of consistency is frustrating. My scores range from the low 260s to high 220s and I can't seem to figure it out.

I've checked out some of the sites and read a few books on the subject. Also been doing a lot of dry fire training interspersed with actual shooting. Any help would be appreciated.

The gun I'm using is a Hammerli 280 so that definitely isn't the problem although it could use some trigger adjustment. If anyone knows someone who does that or can point me to a tutorial where I can do it myself I'd be interested.


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In all honesty it will be tough to diagnose with out seeing you actually shoot.
A poor coach can make a great shooter terrible.
Where are you from Cleveland.

G whiz, it's a Contender or a G2, never was a G One!
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Ten miles south off I-77. And thank you for the response.

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2 most common problems i have had to try to correct with various students- breaking wrist at shot or arm at elbow. next would be rushing your shots during rapid fire or timed fire strings or not re-acquiring the proper sight picture. with practice you can shoot both of these at exactly the same cadence with time to spare. Note this varies a bit depending single or two handed hold- as you did not mention same.
Physical conditioning specifically for single hand hold, type of stance/natural point of aim.
Easy to write about as mentioned prior with out being there to watch- so on your own maybe record on phone or a camcorder if available.
some of the semi auto co2 replica air guns make excellent practice units for at home. Triggers ain't all that great but no worse than some of powder burners.
Sights and eyes and where to hold- Corective Lenses? scope, Rd Dot, Irons ?
Personally I always used the six O'clock hold, but each to his own.
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Thank you blades.

I have been using a IZH 46 for practice in the basement. It actually weighs a bit more than the Hammerli and has a better trigger. Also been using the program in Paul Weston's book regarding hold and trigger control. Same with conditioning.

I use corrective lenses and a dot, ultradot match if it matters, and have had trouble as my right eye will no longer correct to 20/20 but the left will. Kind of created a form of cross eye dominance until I figured that out.

Hold is center of the bull but more of a small moving circle until the trigger breaks. Or at least that's the plan. Figured out since I wrote this thread that part of my issue is trying to jump on the trigger when the dot is centered as opposed to letting it break. Scores have been more consistent but not great. Usually in the mid to high 240s.

Again, thanks for your response.

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