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I thought S&W bought T/C arms for the barrel making capabilities?
Not sure if this is a good thing or not, Guess it depends on the new owners.
What do you think?
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Just proves one thing...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$talks, loyality walks!!!!!!!!
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Companies are in business to make money !! If you stop buying their products or they can't make a decent profit they will head down a new road to find new customers or products, or go out of business. Loyalty is a one way street.
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Wouldn't it be something if Lehigh/SSK bought it!

At least S&W had the sense to sell before some genius mandated a hole in the side of every Contender Roll Eyes
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Sad, Sad, Sad. The company was doomed when Greg Ritz got his paws on it. The story put out about the barrel making equipment was a crock of BS in my opinion.

Ed Kirkpatrick, MGM, and a few others purchased truck loads of inventory when Smith squired them. Smith sent a lot of the manufacturing equipment to the scrap yard. The greatest crime they trashed the fiercely loyal and proud TC work force.

I'm just glad I was there in the beginning to ride the glory years, they can't come back because the people that made them are gone or the ones left to old.

Heck, I think I'm going to go dig out a old catalog and check out Doc with his row of dead ground hogs. Doc I hope you give the varmints the works this year including the corn munchers.

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Witchita gone, Merril gone, H-S precision gone, Weatherby gone, MOA gone, TC gone. See the trend?

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I hope someone picks up the T/C brand and continues production. I don't think S&W ever really committed and T/C may be better off with new ownership. Worst case, SSK (or someone) will get frames out and the custom shops can keep everything else going for a while. In the grand scheme of things, TC has existed for 50+ years. That's not a bad run and I expect there will be more to come. If not, I already have a lifetime supply of parts on hand to keep me going.
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I'd really like to see Ruger aquire the TC brand, they seem to understand, and appreciate, hunting and tradition. But this would probably be too much considering they just picked up Marlin.
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There isn’t enough money in single’s not going to matter who makes them.

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The sad reality of it all is that the single shots are very small portion of the current trend / market. If a company can put their resources to better profits, they're going to do it.

Most of us aren't getting any younger, that is why we need to take every opportunity to increase our ranks. I don't go to the public ranges very much anymore, but when I did, I'd always having someone looking over my shoulder wondering what I was shooting. Like most of you, I'm sure, i'd always invite them to shoot one of my tenders. and always got a positive response. Don't know that any of them every went on to buy a single shot pistol, but I hope so.

Someone may buy the TC Brand and it may be for the better.

"The World Spins Forward"

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Hopefully someone will buy them that cares for firearms. This country is in a mess.
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I'm thinking part of the problem is the political climate, making most everyone wanting to purchase black rifles and hoarding almost everything gun related. Don't get me wrong I have my share of black rifles and I have more than my share of T/C's I've been collecting them since 1979, yep that's right I'm an old codger now but still want to shoot them and do. lipsrsealed

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I don’t think it’s “politics” but rather trends in the shooting sports. Single shot handguns languished until IHMSA silhouette shooting began to proliferate in the late 1970s. At the same time handgun hunting took off, the result was a large demand for SS handguns. As silhouette shooting declined so did the demand for SS handguns. There just isn’t a large enough of a market today for any major firearms maker to invest in them. SSK might be able to make a go of it, but there’s no money to be made for a major company.

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S&W T/C left IHMSA and the shooting world some time ago. 99 percent of us on here own or started with an original Contender. No factory parts or service for the Contender. No sponsorship of any shoots or shooters. All the others seem to do it. A local guy I know receives a pallet of ammo each year from a major manufacturer to shoot 3 gun. Others do the same and have guns given or built for them. In turn the average guy wants to be like them and buy the products they promote. That's why they have Team Smith & Wesson.

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the ar's are the new contenders pop out two pins change uppers and semi auto on top of that. i think it will take a small arms business to bring it back one with a passion for what it was. like hoggin said not enough money in it for big business. i sure hope somebody pulls it off and brings it back. but if it is gone for good i think there is enough after market company's out there to support it for a long time.
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As long as your frames hold up. Everything else can be obtained from custom vendors. Hopefully someday (looking at you SSK), frames too.
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Sadly, with the younger crowd it is no longer about "One Good Shot" as TCA chimed. With binary triggers and (now defunct) bump stocks it is about how quickly you can dump 30 rounds, and maybe keep a handful on a man sized tombstone target. I expect one day it will come full circle as things usually do, but will likely be long after I am done.

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Like I said when they first bought it, seems like everything S&W touches goes in the crapper.


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the sad news is that TC relied on IHMSA shooters to buy their barrels and frames for the most part, hunting was secondary. In the early 90's to around to early 2000's.TC was at the top of the list for a lot shooters. IHMSA is all but dead now.with IHMSA all but gone why would they continue to produce a gun that does'nt sell. I have a MOA that I need a firing block spring for. not happing anytime soon.
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