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After gathering as much info as possible regarding the different 17M2 ammo, it appears that it is true that are two manufacturers (as has been reported) of all the brands...CCI in the US and Ely in the UK. Both use the Hornady 17 gr VMax bullet...and now a 15.5 gr "green" bullet.
Also there are some reports that presently produced ammo may differ from that of a few years back...and of course, there is always the chance of different lots of ammo being slightly different. With the small powder charges and the very light bullets involved in 17 M2 production, any slight variation in component weight will create more difference than in "heavier" ammo production.
To get "new" ammo, I ordered 500 rounds each of Ely and Hornady 17 gr ammo to compare. First, I opened a randomly chosen box of each and weighed 25 rounds of each on an electronic scale (RCBS....acurate within 1/10th of a grain.)The weights were within 1/10th for each group, but the Ely tended to weigh toward the higher side....probably just an impression.
Yesterday, I tested for accuracy at the range at 25 and 50 yards. My Contender with 14 inch factory barrel was zeroed for the Hornady ammo at 1/2 inch high at 25 yards and off a bulls bag could print a tiny ragged 1 hole group. Switching to Ely. I got the same size group with the same windage, but the group was
1 inch high at 25 yards with a bit more recoil and louder sound. I did not chrono, but this would appear to confirm other reports that Ely is a bit hotter.
As I moved out to the 50 yard line, the wind began to puff a little. I tried two groups of each ammo and found essentially the same result as the 25 yard groups. By this time, the puffs were getting stronger and more frequent, so I stopped at 50. I'll chrono and go longer range in the future, but for now, I'd say that at least my barrel is happy with either ammo.
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The 17M2 for most, if not all of the US is made in Lewiston at the CCI plant. I saw Hornady, Remington, CCI, and several other headstamps last time I was there. Green bullets are Remington. It is part of the business agreement between CCI and Remington. Remington is supplying a lot of the smaller bullets and CCI is drawing the cases, priming, and loading. Also a beige or brown polymer tip bullet was there in abundance from Remington, maybe their 22 mag?

I walk through that plant and I am literally giddy as a kid in a candy store. I just want to run my fingers through the bins of brass, bullets, and loaded ammo. Can you imagine a bin, larger than a 6 gallon milk crate, sitting there full of 17M2 ammo? Or a similar bin sitting outside a machine with bullets or brass cases trickling out like a little water fall?

In the packaging area the boxes and/or bricks of ammo stack up faster than you can spit.

I was told the 17M2 for Eley were made in the Aquila Factory in Mexico. You said UK. Do you have any more info on that?

Steve Smile

Steve Smile
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I have a 10 1/2" 17M2 OTT and have shot Hornady, Federal, CCI, Rem and Eley, they all shot extremely good but I get the smallest groups with Eley. Rem ammo is made by Eley for Remington.

I shot all this ammo over my Oehler 35 Chrony on 7/1/06 except the Eley which was shot one year later, the below numbers are the average of 10 shots.

Hornady--1994 ------15
Federal---2068 ------46
CCI-------2056 ------37
Rem------2170 ------29
Eley------2166 ------11

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Shaggy...The Ely packaging I have reads: Minworth Industrial Estate, Sutton Coldfield, UK. The only non-English words are in French....who knows, Maybe some was made in Mexico.
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Al--I am getting 2050+fps with Ely 17 gr out of my 14 inch TC 17Mach2 and 2300+fps with Hornady 17 gr out of my Bullberry 11 inch 17 HMR barrel...they are so close that I was a bit surprised. I've zeroed both at 110 yds with the 17HMR shooting ever so slightly flatter. I have a TC 2.5-7x scope on the 14 inch 17Mach2 and a Leupold 2.5-8x FCH Dot on the 11 inch Bullberry 17 they show a different sight picture. I probably don't need both...maybe I should be using the 20 gr bullet in the 17HMR...but then I have an SSK barrel in 17 Remington. Actually, I really don't need any of them! Yes, I am nuts.

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My 17" OTT Contender barrel likes the Eley and Hornady stuff about equally well.

This is a good family owed business to buy Ammo from:

SG Ammo


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Dave---I bought 8000 rounds of Eley from them so I would have enough of the same lot...they shoot super groups from my TC barrel. If Eley has stopped production in England and moves it to Aguilla in Mexico, it should still be good. I really like Aguilla 22lr ammo....good quality.
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Update...Just to show how incorrect impressions can be....
Went very early to the range to set up the chrono without disturbing other shooters. The Hornady 17 gr VMax averaged 2056 fps and the Ely averaged 2049 fps....essentially identical velocity. However, the SD and ES of the Hornady was twice that of the Ely. So at least the initial impression that the Ely was more consistent was correct, but the initial impression that velocities were different was incorrect. Interestingly, this time the point of impact was the same even though I observed a difference the first time out. Probably gun placement on the bag and trigger control were better today.
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Great write ups. Came close to buying a 17M2 11" barrel. Have been trying to find what they chrono out this length barrel. I sent my NEF 17MACH2 barrel out to get it fluted and shortened to 17". Didn't chrono it b4 hand. The barrel alone weighed 4lbs 3ozs. Think he took 2lbs of weight off. Wont get home to weigh and shoot it till Tuesday. Also had a 17HMR barrel done the same way. How many rounds can you fire in yours guns till you have to clean them?

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I have a custom built Marlin magazine fed 17 Mach 2 Rifle... it's my main go to rifle for shooting critters in the yard at the farm... probably killed literally 100's of coons, several possums, & more Red Pine Squirrels than I could count over the years... MRS loves it, as it's quiet, no recoil, & very accurate... when I built the rifle, I bought 2500 rounds of Eley ammo... I'm most of the way through that now, after several years...

I've not seen the Eley for sale around here in years... infact after a couple rim fire shortages, I had not seen 17 Mach 2 ammo for sale for several years, but have been buying CCI as I can find that lately

also have a 17 Mach 2 Contender barrel, but find the Marlin repeater gets used most often Smile

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