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223 wssm in an xp? Login/Join 

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Anybody out there have one?

Words of wisdom re the caliber or concept?
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Paperpuncher has one in an HS, hopefully he will chime in. In a single shot platform it's perfect. They have feeding issues in the repeaters due to the short fat case. I have a 243wssm and 25wssm. Brass availability was the only issue at one time but I have a life time supply now. A 223wssm in a fast twist would be ideal for the heavy bullets.

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What use will the OP put the pistol to? I had a .22-250 (similar performance) in an XP with a 1:12” twist and used mostly 50-60 grain bullets at under 350 yards. For longer ranges the standard WSSM 1:8” twist would be better for using 70-80 grain bullets, but expansion on varmints may not be optimal with the heavy bullets.



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I mostly punch holes in paper, but wouldn't mind trying some at longer ranges.
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Would work fine. Have done other wssm just not the 223.
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Originally posted by indianamoon:
I mostly punch holes in paper, but wouldn't mind trying some at longer ranges.

It would work for that.
I would probably choose a cartridge that had better brass and die options.
Variety is what makes the world go round...By all means get what you want

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As Nitemann said I have one that I got off nmhunter. I've just punched paper or rang steel with it. If you don't reload I'd pass on the 223 move to the 243wssm.
Only place I've ever seen ammo for the 223wssm is online. You can still find brass and dies online. If you read the internet its a dead cartridge, can't find ammo, burns barrels up in 300 rounds, 220 swift or 22-250 is close to performance..yada yada yada. I say to that who cares: I reload and have hundreds of cases(thanks Tom), I have personally shot that many rounds thru it myself, still shoots fine and already have a 22-250 wanted something different. And when and if i shoot barrel out I hear there's places that put new barrels on. ha ha
Have a muzzle brake on mine so shes loud but recoil is not bad. Mine has a 1:10 twist. I've never tried heavier than a 55gr. and nothing less than 50 so far.
I have only taken her to 300 yards. To me its a blast to shoot.

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Dong’s in Tulsa has brass (they will ship I believe) for the 223 WSSM and for the 243 WSSM.

Rog (Buttermilk421)

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OK so all it takes is just a gentle nudge to push ME over the edge. Picked up some dies, looking for a barrel, already have everything else. Here I go again
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Go for it. If you get tired of it, get another barrel and start over. HAH
Sounds like when I was wanting a 223/6MM. Everyone tried to talk me out of it on a rifle platform. Had it made locally and shot prairie dogs way out there. Had several PD shooters I went with wanting it so I sold it and got another XP.


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I hate to be the only "naysayer" here, jeeze...

I tried one when they first came out, first a 243 wssm, then a 25 wssm (long story there). The biggest downfall in my opinion was the brass (Winchester) was horrible to work with. Crazy thick, and hard as granite. Necks ran .022 to .025 thick and with that granite hard brass, neck tension was unreal.

Very first test handload I ever fired was a "starting load" (was actually a mid-scale load from a book, which up until then, I had always been able to start in the "middle" of the charge range), and I couldn't open the bolt. Case head expansion was 6 thousanths, when we finally got it open.

Pulled all the bullets and started over again. That's when I really noticed the absurd neck tension. Turning necks down to .012-.014 and switching to neck bushing dies really helped, but neck life was going to be short. Spoke to reps at Win-Olin, RCBS, etc. about "issues", others were also reporting similar. Found "" site, which we were all putting our heads together at the time. Discovered (Win-Olin rep) that they used standard WSM brass as the parent case, and were just forming it down in a press to WSSM length and trimming it off, which is why it was so stupidly thick.

Federal brass was supposed to be "better" (I never saw any).

If Lapua or someone else had come out with brass I would have stayed with it, but felt like it was trying to roll a boulder up a hill in dealing with those issues. Loved the idea of it, liked the cartridge profile, think it could have really been a winner. Just needed better source brass.

How are you at annealing brass?
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I have one, just not chamered in a pistol. it's not a dead cartridge, it was just never popular to begin with.

Winchester's making new brass (red and black bags) as of least 2018 or 2019. I've seen plenty of brass on the shelf at the local gun shop, but I bought a lot of the Federal brass back in the day. It's alright. Necks are still thick, but if you spec the reamer to be tighter then you can turn them to whatever size you want. They do get softer if you anneal them and they last longer too. I've gotten 30 reloads on one set of 50 Winchester brand before the neck started to crack. I speced the chamber reamer and had dies made from a matching "resize reamer" to mimimze working the brass.

Mine's magazine fed from a AICS style magazine (double stack, center feed) and have no issues with it feeding. I only have 350 rounds down it so far using the 88ELDM in a 1:8" twist (I'm at 5000'+ elevation) The throat looks decent still, but I keep it to 10-round strings then let it cool. I'm also only using 37gr of H4350 which drives the 88s at 3045fps from a 26" light varmint barrel and sub MOA to 1000yds.

Variety's the spice of life. If you want one, get one.
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