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Hoggin out a laminate stock blank Login/Join 

Hey Guys,

I remember, I think? about a jig that held the stock blank,
and then used a router to hog out 95%+ of the excess wood,
on a pistol stock blank.

I just can't remember where I found the info,
Any clues?? Someone here??

Anyone have one and care to share the info?

I got a slab of laminate 2-1/2" thick (Blue/Blk color combo),
with enough material to do 2 rear grip stocks,
one for the 284 & 280 AI Sp pistols.

I found out a Dremel tool,even with the most aggressive bits,
is not going to cut it, on that hard laminate. peed Eek

If I had my mill, it would no be a problem,
smoked the main bearings I think??
Trying to find a good place to rebuild the head,
as it was tired, when I got it, it had been rode hard,
and put away wet, as the saying goes. Sad


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I saw a trick over at longrangeshooting that works.

Make a sled just a wide as your stock. Runners about 12-14" long. Cross pieces long enough to reach all the way across the stock and runners. I used 2 pieces of 3/4" thick cabinet plywood for each runner, stacked vertically and screwed together. Same for the cross pieces. Spacing on the cross pieces of just wide enough for the router to butt against. See URL referenced.

Stock making

This way you can do all the inletting with cove and rabbit bits.I use a 1 1/4" cove bit for the action, rabbits for the trigger and magazine. I always position and drill the action screws first for loaction of all others.

Good luck, post pics.

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Picture of xp-100
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stock duplicator.

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