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I Know some use a pistol scope and some use rifle scopes
But do you close obeyed or leave both open

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It always better to shoot with both eyes open if I get the gist of your question. Some folks can't do that because of physical limitations. Whether it's a pistol scope or rifle scope shooting with both eyes open will increase your peripheral vision and your chances of seeing changes in your target image.
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Me.. pistol scope, both eyes open.. rifle scope (on rifle) one eye open.
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best is both eyes open and no flinch blink, how ever, I can not manage that myself.
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Both eyes open.
Never blink at the shot. I like to see my sight picture and follow through while executing the shot. 2cents

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Both eyes open
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Same here, both eyes open
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You should always shoot with both eyes open, you'll get a more consistent sight picture. When you close one eye, your other naturally closes slightly. With both eyes open, you see much more when hunting, for example, it's kept me from taking a shot in a direction I would have regretted.

It takes some practice to get used to both eyes open but you'll find eventually you'll be able to focus thru your dominate eye and your other will be "peripheral vision" Wink


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I agree with Mike, it took me awhile to get used to having both eyes open. It will improve what you see and how you shoot.

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Both eyes open. A tip I give first time scope users is to close non dominant eye, get scope picture then open non dominant eye. It seems to help train your eyes to work independently. Just a tip that has helped in the past for shooters who have trouble gettingmused to the both eye open method.

Good luck and good shooting

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